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Investment Platform

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Investment Platform

To ENSURE that your financial plan is efficiently managed.

To ENSURE that your financial plan is efficiently managed.

About Our Investment Platform

To ensure your financial plan is efficiently managed, we use an online service to buy and sell investments within your portfolio. These ‘platforms’ are technology driven arrangements that unify your money, so we can build a portfolio of funds with a variety of specialist investment companies.

The platform allows us to access a vast range of investments, which we filter through a rigorous selection process based on your individual requirements.

Holistic Approach

Our investment strategy is designed to provide a holistic approach to your planning. In other words, we focus on your wider wealth solution rather than pensions, ISAs and investments as separate entities.

Your assets are managed from a single point with a defined, appropriate investment strategy. We also use the platform to access the various tax planning products that are appropriate for your needs.

PAF Hereford's Investment Platform

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The value of your investment can fall as well as rise and is not guaranteed.

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