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Investment Selection

We select the most appropriate investment managers for specific outcomes for you. 

We select the most appropriate investment managers for specific outcomes for you. 

Investment Manager VGT Vestra

About PAF Hereford's Investment selection

We select the most appropriate investment managers for specific outcomes for you. We can also apply your money to different structures, such as Pensions and ISAs all from the one portal.

This arrangement allows us to take advantage of the tax planning benefits of the different structures that best serve your interests and objectives. If the use of a platform is unsuitable for you, we will provide a solution to meet your specific objectives.

We regularly challenge the decision to use an investment platform service to ensure it continues to be the most appropriate for you.

Bespoke Investment Solutions

We have carefully selected and have developed strong relationships with specialist investment managers in order to deliver your objectives. Your investment portfolio is likely to be positioned within a wider wealth solution. Your portfolio will be fully diversified across asset classes and geographies so it can complement a range of other investments.

We work with investment manager, LGT Vestra, to run our Bespoke Model Portfolio Service. The portfolios are designed to reflect our investment proposition and are managed by a joint investment committee between us and LGT Vestra.

We work in partnership with LGT Vestra’s dedicated investment team to ensure your portfolio always remains suitably invested. We have access to the investment research capabilities of LGT Vestra to ensure your investment needs are serviced at the highest level.

LGT Vestra is a discretionary fund manager, which means they have the authority to make the appropriate buy and sell decisions in your investment portfolio based on their view of market conditions along with your risk and investment objectives.

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Investment planning
The advantages of choosing LGT Vestra as your Discretionary Fund Manager

By working with LGT Vestra as your Discretionary Fund Manager, we can:

  • Plan effectively for your future by setting and agreeing realistic investment objectives and goals.
  • Monitor the level of risk that is appropriate for you and modify the approach due to changes in your circumstances.
  • Identify investment opportunities and take advantage of changing economic and market conditions on your behalf.
  • Diversify your portfolio and manage investment risk to achieve your financial objectives.
  • Provide reporting on the performance of the sustainable model portfolios through LGT Vestra’s factsheets and ongoing communications.
  • Support your interest in investing in a model portfolio that encourages both socio-economic development and sustainable business practices.
Due Diligence

We have carried out full due diligence on LGT Vestra and have undertaken a rigorous analysis of LGT Vestra’s investment performance, governance and operational capability. Our recommendation of LGT Vestra is based on our internal research and the use of third parties. We factor in information from unbiased investment consultants, such as Asset Risk Consultants (ARC), who review and report on the performance of the contributing discretionary fund managers. LGT Vestra provides their investment data to ARC on a quarterly basis.

Asset Allocation

The service utilises a wide range of asset classes including equities, bonds, property, absolute return, commodities and cash. A combination of active and passive investment vehicles are used in portfolio construction. This combination generates greater diversification within the portfolios and provides exposure to investment themes, sectors and asset classes you may not otherwise have access to.


The portfolios are rebalanced quarterly in line with our Adviser Investment Committee meeting with LGT Vestra. This is an integral part of our investment process and assists us in ensuring that your portfolio remains within the chosen risk parameter.

Investment committees

Your portfolio is designed to benefit from the wealth of experience of LGT Vestra’s investment managers and in-house research capabilities, supplemented by our own independent analysis and fund research. The investments and their allocation within the portfolios filter through LGT Vestra’s Investment Committees and are reviewed and tailored by our Investment Committee on a quarterly basis.

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The value of your investment can fall as well as rise and is not guaranteed.

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