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Income Protection

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Income Protection

Protection, so you and your loved ones can focus on enjoying the future.

Protection, so you and your loved ones can focus on enjoying the future.

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About Income Protection Insurance

Income protection insurance is there to financially support you through a long term sickness where you are unable to work.

If you think that State Benefits would be enough to see you through a long period of sickness consider this; It’s true that if your average earnings before deductions, such as tax and National Insurance are *£120 per week or more, you will be entitled to statutory sick pay at a rate of *£95.85 per week for up to 28 weeks paid by your employer. However once income tax and National Insurance has been deducted from the payments is it enough to meet your outgoing bills and expenses?

*Correct as of 9th November 2020


You may also be entitled to some sick pay from your employer which will help, but this is normally only paid for a specific and limited period of time.

With income protection you have the opportunity to provide yourself with a significant proportion of your normal monthly income (up to 70%) paid to you as tax-free benefits every month until you are ready to return to work or to retire, whichever comes first.

Let PAF Hereford help with Income Protection Insurance

With over 40 years experience PAF Hereford can help make an informed decision.  

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