Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Pension Drawdown

Get the most effective advice and help whilst drawing from your pension.

Pension Transfers

Move your pension to a better performing portfolio


Let us help you with your Self Invested Personal Pensions

Pre and Post Retirement Planning

Get the best advice on choosing the right pension or what to do in retirement with your pension with PAF Hereford call us now on 01432 342718 or use our contact form below.

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Corporate Pensions

Helping you company choose the right pension scheme for your employees. Advice on all aspects of corporate pensions.

Auto Enrolment

We can help you set up and run a mandatory auto enrolment scheme for your company, with support and advice.

State Pension

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You may be able to claim a pension from the government when you reach State Pension age. This may pay you a guaranteed income for the rest of your life.

State Pension Age

The state pension age is the earliest age you can start receiving your State Pension. This will be different for everyone as it is worked out based on your date of birth.
State Pension age is currently between 65 and 67. It’s due to increase to 68 by 2046, though there’s no guarantee it won’t rise quicker or higher than that.

You can check your State Pension age using the government’s State Pension age calculator. To check how much State Pension you’re on course to receive, you can request a State Pension statement.


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What is an annuity?

Lifetime Annuities are sold by pensions providers and insurance companies and guarantee the policyholder an income throughout his or her retirement.

How much you get will depend on the annuity rate offered by the provider at the time, as well as other factors.

Unlike some other retirement options, you don’t need to worry about how much to withdraw or what the stock markets are doing. Your income will be secure and paid to you no matter what happens. You can buy a lifetime annuity any time from age 55 (rising to 57 from 2028).

Pension and tax rules can change and any benefits depend on your circumstances.

Many different factors will affect how much annuity income you get. And it’s important to remember, that once you’ve bought your lifetime annuity and secured the annuity rate, your income is set for the rest of your life and cannot be changed, so make sure you consider your options carefully.

The value of your investment can fall as well as rise and is not guaranteed.

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