Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Tax Planning Review

Some people pay too much tax, or miss out on opportunities to reduce their tax. If you have investments, pay higher rate income tax, or run your own business, it would be worth having your position reviewed.

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Maximising investment returns should involve structuring your assets and income in a way that ensures you to pay the lowest level of tax possible.

We provide effective planning to minimise your liability to tax.

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Divorce is never pleasant, because a relationship that has broken down can suddenly turn into disagreements about money – in particular the house and pensions. We are able to conduct a financial analysis of your assets, incomes, pensions etc, and give them the remit of making financially fair (though inevitably painful) suggestions. Hopefully your legal advisers can simply verify the fairness of the suggestions, or at least use the information as an agreed basis on which to do their work in more complex cases (e.g. those involving children).

Inheritance and Estate Planning

Inheritance tax can cost loved one’s hundreds of thousands when you die, yet it’s possible to legally avoid a large proportion of it, or possibly pay none at all.

Estate planning is a complex area that is subject to regular regulatory change.

We can help you create a succession plan best suited to your family’s circumstances.

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If you have a very large and complicated estate, the sooner you start planning the better. For many people, a good time to establish an Inheritance Tax plan is soon after retirement. It is important to consider your potential financial needs in retirement and once you have given up work you will have a better idea. You do not want to gist away money you may potentially need in the future.

We would work with you to establish what you want to do with your money now and what you might need in the future, for example, to cover care needs in later life. Once you have clarity about what you require, you can establish how much wealth is left to pass on to future generations.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Tax, Trust and Estate Planning.

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